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Madre Cocoon is an inclusive sanctuary to cocoon, connect and reignite your life’s passion. It exists to hold space for you as you step into the connection within; to emerge with trust and inspiration for your life’s purpose. 

Mischa Estrada, CA

Madre Cocoon holds a special place in my heart. The land resonates a frequency that my high self recognized as my own. At 8400 ft altitude, there is a pureness & purpose in every day life, which isn't prescribed by a list. Sandra is the embodiment of the most divine shepherdess to help guide people to their unique truth within; that which the truth seekers come to find. Madre is a beacon of light to attract those whose frequency has dimmed. Restoration is possible and Sandra holds the highest trust in all who come. I experienced her believing in my journey with such tenderness & compassion, and by offering me a way to connect with pachamama, I was able to identify & transcend my inner obstacles. I am now finally on my way to a deeper fulfillment within than in any other time in my life due to my time spent at Madre Cocoon.
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